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Michael B. Bass, Ph.D.
Perceptions… and Realities® is a full-service opinion research firm that conducts custom studies in the consumer, business-to-business, and public opinion arenas.

We believe that the qualitative and quantitative perspectives together enable the best decisions. It's seldom a matter of one or the other, and usually a matter of integrating these approaches. Insights gained through interaction with the target audience are needed to develop and refine business initiatives, and projectable data is needed to determine whether the initiatives have the desired impact.

The left side of the brain is known to be analytic, while the right side of the brain is known to be intuitive. Our integrated approach to research gives you a "whole brain" perspective, not just a "left brain" or "right brain" approach to your strategic challenges. With Perceptions… and Realities®, Inc., you get the right balance of judgment and data needed to make winning decisions.